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About Pattaya

Pattaya Thailand

Unlike other beach resorts, where natural surroundings are used as magnets to attract tourists, Pattaya makes an all-out attempt to provide the best of everything. Here, everything means everything a tourist can imagine while on holiday: recreation, entertainment, sports, sightseeing and fun. To put it simply, Pattaya is a paradise for everyone, as it has a variety of attractions suitable for all types of visitors. This is the place where you can fill your day, from dusk to dawn, with endless activities, or you may choose to do nothing at all and relax.

Pattaya Beach is a beach has a lot of popular horizontal chairs. Water plays. Hi are there any Pattaya Beach Which sell seafood and a beach chair, services to visitors. Pattaya Beach is considered another beach has, popularity rank etc.

Travel in Pattaya, and Sukhumvit Road is a road towards well-trained 3 primary path is Sukhumvit-Pattaya above, Sukhumvit-Pattaya middle, Sukhumvit-South Pattaya.

Pattaya is the car serves tourists who want to travel to places such as bus available all day all night run cycle is thua Pattaya Evaporation Jomtien Beach Pattaya If visitors to go out anywhere, tell the driver.

For sites with a motorcycle tourists rent per day. There are several shops from Pattaya over Central Pattaya. Pattaya rental car, approximately 500-700 Baht per day.

North Pattaya is the beach of range over a quiet end of Pattaya. A resort and restaurant luxury compared with other Pattaya Beach. The beach of Pattaya over then tourists prefer to sleep and play water is a tourist beach with not a lot of privacy.

Central Pattaya. Here starts has more northern Pattaya with many restaurants and shops, pubs Bar restaurant intoxicants There are many resort, tourists have selected as well.

South Pattaya is the beach with liveliness that most of the Pattaya as there Monumental bar of beer Tourists are very much at Pattaya nightlife are tourists most sitting drinking beer in the restaurant of density. There are ports to Koh Larn which tourists who want to travel to the island on a moved here the Koh Larn. beauty which wait for visitors to touch.

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